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Camille Tang

Business leader

Through innovation, technology and network effects, sustainable growth and world leadership have been established and realized

Camille participated in the creation, leadership and management of multiple global and regional platforms and ecosystems, creating a number of firsts for startups, multinational corporations, non-profit organizations and the public industry:

  • Radio Technology-ConvenientPower Group is the only wireless charging technology company that has continued to ship in batches every year since 2009. The company's 29 "Global No. 1s" include automotive, consumer and mobile, healthcare, infrastructure, and surface material applications.

  • Technology standardization and patent pool licensing-for the first time to create a wireless power transmission alliance, "Qi" standard and MPEG LA Qi patent portfolio licensing license for radio products on the market.

  • Leadership and Management Education-Harvard Business School Asia Pacific Research Center was the first academic case study platform at the time, spanning North and South Asia.

  • Investment banking-UBS, SBC Warburg, HSBC Investment Bank, Kangdi Grain Company's innovations include financial derivatives and risk management.

  • Consumer retail, luxury fashion design-California Messi, Blanc de Chine's "first launch" project includes retail from cooking to fashion design and Chinese high fashion design.

Camille's areas of responsibility include strategy, strategic partnerships, risk management, intellectual property, research and development, finance, and corporate communications. Served as consultant and/or director positions in Bunge Asia Pacific, ConvenientPower, Hong Kong Government Central Policy Group, Hongli College, Queen Mary Hospital, Vision 2047, and Wireless Power Transmission Alliance. She obtained a bachelor of arts degree from Stanford University with outstanding results, and then a master's degree in business administration from Harvard University.

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