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Cradle Program Application

  • Founder or co-founder of start-up company, incumbent president and main decision maker of major company decisions;

  • Possess entrepreneurial enthusiasm, considerable development potential and leadership characteristics;

  • Start-up companies have entered the growth stage, have a clear business model, huge market space, unique competitive advantages, and need assistance in accelerating growth or facing problems caused by growth;

  • Opportunity to become a leading company in its field, science and technology are preferred;

  • Willing to conduct long-term and in-depth exchanges and interactions with mentors on management and development issues related to entrepreneurship, rather than seeking pure practical help;

  • Become an ordinary member of AAMA Pearl River Delta Chapter


How to Apply

Step 1 Fill in the registration form online

Step 2 Make an appointment to participate in the sharing of AAMA Future Technology Business Leaders Entrepreneurship Salon

Step 3 Interview for final election

Step 4 Announcement of Selection


I have a plan to start a business, but I have not formally established a company yet. Can I apply for it?

Sorry, this program only recruits those who formally established a company, and you are welcome to apply again in the future.

What is the definition of "growth period"?

The company was formally established for 2 to 3 years or more. At this time, it is in a period of growth. Its main characteristics are: first, after the product has been developed and tested, it has gradually entered the market and attained a certain market share; second, the marketing model has also been established; Third, the organization and management of the enterprise are gradually taking shape, and the management team is basically stable.

My company has been established for less than 2 years, can I apply for participation?

You can still apply to participate in the selection, but entry is only for those who excel in entrepreneurial projects.

Is there a fee for participating in the AAMA Cradle Program?

The AAMA Cradle Program is a public welfare project. However, some visit activities are required to participate at their own expense. It is necessary to join as general members of the AAMA Pearl River Delta Chapter and agree with the development philosophy, mission, and values of AAMA.

Does it take a lot of time to participate in the AAMA Cradle Program?

The main feature of the AAMA Cradle Program is one-to-one entrepreneurial mentor guidance. Mentees can jointly set learning goals and interaction frequencies with the mentor; during the program, cradle mentees will also attend core courses, entrepreneurship salons, investment and financing introductions, links to resources at home and abroad, and other diverse learning opportunities. . The above is not mandatory to attend. Still, we hope that you will be willing to invest time and energy to participate in the two-year plan and achieve a participation rate of more than 80% of learning activities.

I hope I can find a mentor to become my mentor, can I?

Mentor and mentee matching will go through a formal process. In addition to investigating the intentions of both parties, the entrepreneur's field and counseling needs and the instructor's expertise will be considered together to determine the most suitable pairing combination.

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