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Mr. Eric Ho



Over 20 years of working experience in the telecom industry, including Huawei, HKBN, SmartTone and HKT. Before joining Ocean Park, Eric was the CIO of HKBN. Eric had worked in HKBN,  SmarTone, Huawei, Emperor Group and Bank of America.  Eric was awarded Medium Enterprise CIO of the Year in the competition organized by Computerworld Hong Kong and CIO Connect in 2013.  Eric holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from the University of Hong Kong, a Master’s Degree in business administration from Oklahoma City University, U.S., and a Master in Accountancy Degree from Charles Sturt University, Australia. Eric is a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM).


何贊輝在加入海洋公園之前是香港寬頻的CIO。他曾歷任華為(深圳)軟件部、數碼通資訊科技及業務系統主管、香港電訊、美國銀行及英皇集團的資訊科技職位。他於2013年榮獲Hong Kong CIO of the Year (Medium Enterprise)獎項。何贊輝持有香港大學理學士學位、美國大學工商管理碩士學位、澳洲大學會計碩士學位及資訊安全經理人(CISM)資格。

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