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Business Angel Club

It is early-stage venture capital created by entrepreneurial mentors, successful entrepreneurs, investors, capital institutions, and senior members of AAMA in the Cradle Program. Not only does it provide early financial support and assistance for entrepreneurs, it also provides continuous entrepreneurial guidance and resource for entrepreneurs to help start-ups grow rapidly.


Mr. Lawrence Yee

Chairman of Business Angel Club


Mr. Ivan Chak

Vice-Chairman of Business Angel Club


Mr. Tong Xie

Vice Chairman of Business Angel Club

Four Features of Business Angel Club

Seamlessly integrate the project resources of the cradle program, entrepreneurial mentors and mentees

Members need to be industry leaders and participate as AAMA charter members

Work closely with Hong Kong higher education and research institutions to guide the direction of scientific research

Entrepreneurial resources in Silicon Valley, Beijing, Taipei, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Networking Event

Club activities

​Angel Investment

​Project Pitching

Member Gathering

In-depth exchanges with higher education and scientific research institutions

Investment project

Modern Work Space
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