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Asian Businesswoman

AAMA member

Corporate member

  • Annual fee HKD13,800 / RMB 12,600

  • Nominate two representatives to participate

  • Same benefits as senior members


Charter member

  • Annual fee HKD6,800 / RMB 6,200

  • Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Global Resource Network

  • Invited to attend AAMA (PRD) high-end networking events

  • Serving as a mentor, mentoring startups

  • Eligible to be elected as a board member and/or sub-committee chair

  • Eligible to join the Business Angel Club

  • Personal name on the AAMA (PRD) website


General member

  • Annual fee HKD1,000 / RMB 920

  • Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Resource Network

  • AAMA (PRD) annual events, seminars, forums, visiting companies

  • Eligible to join sub-committee(s)

* Current students (with supporting documents) enjoy 50% discount


Cradle Program  Recruitment

  • Founder or co-founder of start-up company, incumbent president and main decision maker of major company decisions;

  • Possess entrepreneurial enthusiasm, considerable development potential and leadership characteristics;

  • Start-up companies have entered the growth stage, have a clear business model, huge market space, unique competitive advantages, and need assistance in accelerating growth or facing problems caused by growth;

  • Opportunity to become a leading company in its field, science and technology are preferred;

  • Willing to conduct long-term and in-depth exchanges and interactions with mentors on management and development issues related to entrepreneurship, rather than seeking pure practical help;

  • Become an ordinary member of Yajie Pearl River Delta Branch

Business Angel Club

Co-sponsored by entrepreneurial mentors, successful entrepreneurs, investors, investment institutions, and senior members of the Cradle Project, it is early-stage venture capital created by entrepreneurs of the "Cradle of Future Technology Business Leaders Project. It does not only provide early financial support and assistance, but also provide continuous entrepreneurial guidance and resource docking for entrepreneurs to help entrepreneurs and start-ups grow rapidly.

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