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AAMA 創業小聚「塑造科技未來: 生物科技專題」

Thanks for coming to "AAMA Meetup@Shaping the Future of Technology: Biotechnology ", our third online AAMA 10th Anniversary Event. We hoped you enjoyed it as much as we did! Below you can find the links to the websites and projects discussed during the event:

The recording is now available on our website (Full Video) :

Link to Introduction AAMA(PRD) and AAMA Cradle Academy


President, AAMA (Pearl River Delta)

Mr Lawrence YEE

Chair, AAMA Cradle Academy

Session I: Keynote speakers

Link to Keynote Speaker 1:

Dr Tse-Wen CHANGFounder, Chairman & CEO, Immuwork, Inc.

Link to Keynote Speaker 2:Dr Lawrence W.C. CHAN

Associate Professor, Department of Health Technology and Information

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Panel I:

Session II: Founder presentations

Link to Founder Talk 1:

Dr Xiaotao LIPresident & CEO, BIAI, INC.

Link to Founder Talk 2:

Dr Gang CHEN

WeGene (微基因) Founder & CEO

Link to Founder Talk 3:

Mr Alekz LEONG M.H

CEO ASMedical

Panel Discussions: Investment Layout and Policy on Biotechnology Future


Mr Frank F. YANG

Founding Partner & CEO

Shenzhen Blue Ocean Venture Capital Investment Management Ltd.

Mr Henry RONG

Assistant Director, I&T Ecosystem Development, Greater Bay Area, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP)

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