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Partner Event | First NewSpace Conference in GBA

Time to think and see a new world of possibilities!

  • Have you ever wondered what the new business world would be like, when you can own or rent a mini-satellite? Or when you can mine your own asteroid made of gold?

  • What should your child be studying in the year 2025, when humanity will have five moon bases on the moon and your child is not even space-ready in 2023?

  • Does it matter that your cloud service will soon be coming from some databases in outer space? Being faster and more secured?

  • Are there real aliens out there, and why is the US Congress so hell-bent on finding out the truth?

  • How should we groom our future talents and help them become more “Space-aware” and more “inclusive” with an overview perspective?

Climb abroad.

Greater Bay's first international NewSpace Conference has arrived, brought to you by OASA. Sponsored by HKSAR’s ITC and Cyberport, plus supported by scores of visionary organisations, this conference promises to be different, fun, and mind-opening. It is new.

Time and Venue: 20th October, at Cyberport 3, in Hong Kong

Free sign-up:

We have limited physical seating and you can join virtually as well. With over 40 global experts speaking, with two astronauts as keynotes, this is going to be an exciting conference. And it is not because it is free, but because you have always wondered how the new future of digitalisation and space travel has been changing your future.

Limited tickets remaining - secure your spot today!

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