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Privacy policy

Important revelation: By submitting your personal information through this website, you agree and accept the privacy policy and disclaimer of this association.

Privacy policy

1. Yajie (Pearl River Delta) Association ("the Association") is committed to respecting personal privacy and continuously improving the association's network services.

personal information

2. The Association will not collect any personal information, unless it is voluntary to provide its personal information via email or other online methods (including order forms and inquiry forms).

3. All personal data collected will only be used to process user or member requests or inquiries. When responding to requests or inquiries, the Association may transfer relevant requests or inquiries to another more appropriate staff member of the Association for follow-up.

4. The Association will take practical steps to protect personal data from unauthorized or accidental access, processing, deletion, loss or use.

5. The personal data obtained from the website of this association will not be sold or disclosed to third parties without the prior consent of the relevant member, and will be deleted when the member requests it or after it ceases to be a member of the association.

6. Members who provide personal information to the Association have the right to request access to or modification of any personal information they provide. Any request to access or modify personal information must be submitted to the Association in writing.


7. Most of the web pages in the association's website, including our homepage, use cookies to track the conversations of users or members. When the user closes the browser, the cookies of the conversation will also be deleted at the same time.

Server log

8. The association uses server logs to collect some information about network connections and visits to the association's website. The association will collect, record and analyze these data to improve the content of the association's website, analyze trends, investigate security issues, and determine system performance or areas.

About this privacy policy

9. This privacy policy applies to all official websites of the Association. Since the Association does not assume any editorial responsibility or website control in unofficial websites, if users or members of the Association have any questions about these websites, they should contact the owners of these websites. The association’s website has many links to external websites, and the association is not responsible for the content, availability or privacy policies of these external websites.

10. The Association reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time without prior notice. This policy applies to the services provided to users or members on the association's website, and should not be interpreted as a contract or legal opinion reached with it.

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