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Joni Kuo

CEO & Co-Founder, SoftFoundry International Pte Ltd

軟鑄國際股份有限公司 聯合創辦人、總裁


软铸(国际) 股份有限公司联合创办人、总裁

AAMA亚杰 (珠三角) 协会资深会员


软铸公司致力于绿色资通信之开发,提供企事业和专业人员高效率的解决方案; 绿色服务,可持续发展。软铸 FacePro AR 远程专家是一个高生产力解决方案,提供远程专家第一视角4K 超高清实时技术支持、培训和资源共享及建立知识库; FacePro 提升员工70%的生产力。FacePro 远程专家部署在智能制造、石油和天然气、汽车、电力和新能源、海事、农业、航空航天、电信、远程医疗和教育等各个工业部门。成功服务于许多世界500强企业,如ABB,保时捷,Hyundai E&C,SK Innovation,KDDI, COSCO… 等,请访问服务网站:

Ms. Joni KUO

Co-founder & CEO, Softfoundry International Pte Ltd

Charter Member, AAMA (PRD)


Softfoundry is committed to developing green ICT solutions for organizations and individual professionals to be more effective, productive, and profitable; green service sustainable development. Softfoundry FacePro AR Xpert System is an efficient productivity solution suite to provide real-time remote global expert support, training, resource sharing & build a knowledge base via first-person perspective to 4K UHD; It increases the employee’s productivity by 70%. FacePro Xpert is deployed in various industrial sectors such as smart manufacturing, oil & gas, automobile, power plant & new energy, maritime, agriculture, aerospace, telecommunication, telemedicine, & education. Successfully serving many Fortune 500 companies, such as ABB, Porsche, Hyundai E&C, SK Innovation, KDDI, COSCO &, etc. pls visit the service website:

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