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Mr. Philip Leung


Philip Leung is a technology executive, highly experienced in building businesses across geographic regions, particularly foreign companies entering China and Chinese enterprises going global. He is Co-founder and Chairman of TTIS, a firm connecting China’s Greater Bay Area with business enterprises in other cities to facilitate a flow of talents, projects and funding. He is also Managing Partner at Sancus Technology Partners, with a focus on cross-border market entry and investment strategies in technology, advanced manufacturing and high-end services.

He previously worked at: Compaq Computer (as Managing Director, East Asia), Rackable/SGI (President, APAC), Chinese Books Cyberstore (CEO), Vtech (CEO, USA), AMD (Founding Manager, Taiwan), Fenox VC (Venture Partner) and CanCham-HK (President). He was also a board member at AmCham-HK, focused on fostering commerce among Hong Kong, China and the US, as well as enhancing Hong Kong's stature as an international business center. He produced several highly successful China Conferences, as well as a China Business Briefing Program serving Chinese companies expanding globally.

As Founding President of AAMA's PRD Chapter, he launched AAMA in Hong Kong and other cities in China’s Greater Bay Area. He is a frequent speaker and a thought leader on driving social and economic progress through innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. He was an Adjunct Professor in City University of HK, and teaches occasionally in HKU, CUHK and HK Polytechnic University. He holds an MBA from Harvard University, and a BS (Engineering) from Hong Kong University.  He has worked in various cities in Asia and the US, including 12 years in Silicon Valley.

梁颖準先生,科技企业家,于外国科技公司进入中国及中国企业走出去有深厚经验。他是创科引联平台 (TTIS) 的联合创办人兼董事长,该公司在粤港澳大湾区内引外联,以促进企业人才,项目和资金的流动。 他亦担任 Sancus Technology Partners 的董事总经理,专注于科技,先进制造和高端服务等企业的跨境市场进入和投资策略。

他曾任职于:康柏电脑(东亚区总裁)、Rackable/SGI服務器(亚太区总裁)、 博学堂网上书店(总裁)、 伟易达电脑(美国总裁)、 AMD 半导体(台湾第一任董事总经理)、Fenox 创投公司 (合伙人)、香港加拿大商会(总裁)等职位。亦曾任香港美国商会理事,工作重点在于促进港、中、美的商贸活动,并加强香港作为国际商业中心的地位。多次主办《中国商务年会》,以及创办助力中国企业走出去的《中国商务简报计划》。

作为亚杰商会 (AAMA) 珠三角分会创始会长,他成立该会于香港及粤港澳大湾区各地 。亦以思想领袖的角色,经常通过针对创新、创业、科技的演说,推动社会和经济进步。 曾任香港城市大学客席教授,亦偶尔在香港大学、香港中文大学和香港理工大学任教。 哈佛大学商学院 MBA,香港大学电机工程本科。曾在亚洲与美国多个城市工作,包括12年於硅谷。

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