2021年12月11日(周六)上午 10:00 - 11:30

A 45 min public lecture followed by a 25 min panel discussion

Time: 10:00-11:30 am, December 11, 2021, Saturday




​The fossil fuel economy at present has led to climate change that threatens the very existence of humankind. The hydrogen economy that is based on renewable energy is expected to enable a sustainable, de-carbonized, and circular economy. In this webinar, the technical and economic background on the generation, storage, transportation, and use of hydrogen is presented. The potential impact on power generation, chemical production, transportation, and heating for buildings is highlighted. However, there are numerous hurdles in realizing the hydrogen economy. Some of the innovations and technical developments in progress, and thus the related business opportunities and growth, are discussed. The webinar is followed by a panel discussion of selected technologies/issues in more detail.

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亚杰 (珠三角) 十周年庆典活动: AAMA 创业小聚 @ 塑造科技未来:连接数字未来专题 日期: 2022年5月21日 (周六) 时间: 09:30 - 11:30am (北京时间) 语言: 中文/英文 地点: 线上 (zoom) + 直播 先进的数字技术已经在改善我们的工作和生活方式,它展示了推动深度技术研究在现实环境中商业应用的价值。本活动汇聚来自世界领先的技术企业、学术界、行业、政策和初创